Grey Seal Pup


As an amateur photographer I do not advertise my images for sale as  prints or for use in digital media.  This does not mean anyone can use any of my images without my consent.  Some images cannot be used as I do not have the commercial release rights as they were taken at wildlife parks and zoo's.  Please contact me to find out if the image is available for use.  

Private Use

I do not mind the use of my images for private Blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc as long as it is for your own private use (not for profit) and I am credited as the photographer.  Please ensure there is a link back to this website.  For any other use please do not use my images without my consent.  




Wild Male Pheasant in the grass


Charities/Not for Profit Organisations

If you are a charity or a not for profit organisation please contact me before using any of my images.  For majority of charities and not for profit organisations the use of my images will be free, but you will still require my permission for the use of any image.

Commercial Use

If you would like to use any images for commercial use please contact me. Although I do not personally sell images for personal profit I am willing to allow their use for a donation towards a relevant charity that I choose.  The charity will usually depend on what the images incorporates, in this way I hope to help charities that help the nature I photograph.