Reprocessing Images- Low Key Wildlife

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Trips out with the camera haven't been that productive since the start of the year.  So far I have spent time on a few ideas/projects but none have produced anything I would be happy sharing.  This has lead me to spend time on this website, giving it a slightly new look with updates to the blog and galleries.  I have also been processing some images from last year that were overlooked.  I've found more Water Vole images from last years trips that have shown the trips were some of my most productive trips, these are planned to be added to my Water Vole gallery soon and hopefully a further small project if things go well.  This years trips to Water Voles haven't been so good, having so far spent 5 days with very few sightings and even less photographic opportunities.  Thats wildlife photography for you, nothing is guaranteed and things do change from year to year.

Whilst updating my website I've been looking at statistics to see what visitors look at and like the most.  I've found my low key images are some of the most popular images which was a surprise as I only have a few of these images on the website.  This got me thinking about trying to 'process' more of these images.  I say 'process' as these images are created in post-processing rather than at the shutter click stage.  I take a standard wildlife image and then 'process' it by converting to Black & White, adding a strong contract and then apply adjustment brush exposure alterations to give the low key look.  To add the adjustment brush touches I find a graphics tablet is fantastic to allow proper control of the brush stoke direction and strength.  I use a Wacom Intuos small graphics tablet, its about the right size not to take up too much space on the desk but enough to give good control.  Although I would love to create these images in camera, controlling the lighting is impossible with wildlife so Lightroom is the only way to do it. My friend George Wheelhouse introduced me to this technique, you can see his low key black & white images here.  You can see my gallery of Low Key images here.

My new low key images are shown below, I hope you enjoy them.  I'm hoping to add some more soon.

Bald EagleBald EagleBald Eagle (CAPTIVE)

Cabarceno Wildlife Park, Spain.

_D7K3277Bald EagleThe two sides of the Bald Eagle (CAPTIVE).

The Raptor Foundation, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Grey HeronGrey HeronWild Grey Heron at ZSL London Zoo (CAPTIVE).

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