Water Voles.....an ongoing obsession

April 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I've spent more time trying to find and photograph Water Voles.  Water Voles are one of my favourite mammals, I find them to be very entertaining and I can easily spend hours on the bank side watching them.  Unfortunately Water Vole numbers have declined by an estimated 95% since the 1960's.  What was once a common sight on many of Britain's waterways can unfortunately only now be seen at a handful of waterways across Britain.  There are several reasons for this decline, release of non-native American Mink and loss of habitat are two.  

I have photographed Water Voles for the past year, it has turned into one of my longest and favourite photography projects.  My portfolio of Water Vole images has captured a variety of images and is turning into something I'm really proud of.  What I have learnt from the past year is many people are very interested in Water Voles and take great joy from seeing them.  Many hours spent on the banks have been talking and showing passersby the Water Voles, sometimes is can soon turn into quite a crowd.  It is always good to see people enjoy watching Water Voles, especially when they have never seen one or not for many years. Hopefully many more people will  be able to see wild Water Voles and help their fight for survival.  

Please click here to have a look at my Water Vole Image Portfolio.

I thought I would share some of my recent images from this years visits in the slideshow below. 



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