New 'Photo Stories' section

February 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

New 'Photo Stories' section

I've recently added a new section that I've thinking about adding for a while now, its called 'Photo Stories'.  What I'm trying to do is write an explaination of what goes into getting a photograph, or really the story behind it. I've seen many great photographs and thought how did they do that?  Did they visit for weeks on end waiting for hours and laying in mud for the perfect moment.

I also feel photography is about telling a story, it may not be a moving image like a wildlife documentary film but there is always a story behind the image. It could be the journey to make that image, the experience whilst making the image or the subject of the photograph.

The first photo is Red Deer Sunrise Silhouette, taken at Woburn Deer Park, Bedfordshire. This was a photograph I had always wanted to get since I started photography about two years ago.  Red Deer are probably the most iconic British mammal, the outline of their figure is well known due to their majestic antlers.

Please have a look if your interested, I'm hoping to update this section with more photographs soon.


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