On this page I'm going to try to explain what goes into getting the photos I take, or really the story behind it.  I've seen many great photographs and thought how did they do that? Did they visit for weeks on end, waiting for hours and laying in mud for the perfect moment.  Hopefully this will give everyone an insight into what goes into my photography.  I also feel photography is about telling a story, it may not be a moving image like a wildlife documentary film but there is always a story behind the image.  It could be the journey to make that image, the experience whilst making the image or the subject of the photograph.


Please have a look if your interested, I'm hoping to update this section with more photographs soon.



Red Deer Sunrise Silhouette

Woburn Deer Park is known for its variety of deer species.  Find out what went into this photo here.







Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabarceno: Top of the Bears Panorama

Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabarceno is a huge wildlife park in Northern Spain.  Find out what went into this photo here





Wild Black Kite: Cabarceno

This wild Black Kite image taken at Parque de la Cabarceno has become one of my favourite bird in flight images.  Find out what went into this photo here.






Grey Seal: Horsey Sunrise

This image of a Grey Seal was one of my favourite images from a trip to a Horsey, Norfolk before the Grey Seal pupping season.  Find out what went into this photo here.




Forest How Red Squirrels- Setting Up My Own Scene

Forest How in Eskdale is my favourite place to photograph Red Squirrels. Having visited for several years on my last trip I wanted to capture something different. Find out what went into this photo here.