About Me

I’m a photography enthusiast who specialises in wildlife, nature and landscape photography. 

I was a relatively late starter to photography, picking up my first DSLR in 2011.  It was this first DSLR that has instilled an enthusiasm for capturing images of the natural environment and the wildlife within it, prompted in part by working outside in the environment and seeing the abundance of wildlife around us. 

Based in Bedfordshire, UK the majority of my subjects are wildlife and landscapes found throughout the UK.  I try to capture images of wildlife within my local patch but I do travel throughout the UK to see some of our iconic wildlife and awesome natural landscapes.

Where possible I try to capture animal behaviour in the wild, from time to time I do visit zoo's and wildlife parks to see animals I wouldn’t have the chance to see in the wild.  I enjoy being out in the countryside seeing the wildlife around us and if possible getting a photograph.

If you do like any of my images and would like to use them you can find out more information about this on my ‘use of images’ page.  If you would like to get in contact with me please could you leave a comment in the comments sections, use the contact form to email me or use the guestbook to leave a message.  I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

If you would like to follow my photography, you can find out what I’m up to via my blog.  You can also follow me on: